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Let the Light Guys handle your Christmas Lighting

Why choose the Light Guys

The holidays are almost here! And, as to be expected, each and every one of the happy little Bakersfield Christmas lighting installer elves here at The Light Guys is excited about the happy season! Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with us when it comes to the fun to be had when setting up your holiday lighting in Bakersfield.

For a lot of people, all the shopping for new lights and the untangling of ancient, spider-infested string lights can practically suck all the joy out of the holiday season. If you count yourself among those individuals, then you’ve come to the right Bakersfield Christmas lighting company!

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The value (and magic) is in the process

1. Contact Our Elves

As unfortunate as it is, you can’t write a letter addressed to the “Christmas Light Elves at the North Pole” and expect our team of lighting elves to show up at your house. To get ahold of us, fill out an online bid request, or simply give us a call letting us know the address of your project and what it is you want to be done. Within 24 hours, we will get you an estimation via email or text detailing the areas covered, the scope of work, and a guaranteed price. Once you have agreed, we will book your job, in most cases, within three days.

2. Installation

Our Christmas light installer elves will arrive on time (or call if running late). Each lighting professional on our installation crew is trained and competent, completing most jobs in just a few hours. Our Christmas light installers will perform a professional installation. Light strands are custom-fit to your home, cords are hidden from view, timers automatically turn your holiday lights on and off, and connections are properly fit and watertight (no black tape or wire nuts with us.) All job sites are left cleaner than when we arrived.

3. Lease Our Lights

Our elves lease lights and decorations from our secret holiday stash. All of the Christmas lights and decorations we have at our holiday lighting shop is commercial grade and manufactured to the highest standards. We also have all of the latest and greatest in Christmas lighting technology and fads at our disposal. When you lease lights from our full-service Christmas lighting company, we set them up in the Fall, tear them down in January, and maintain our stash of time-tested holiday decorations so you don’t have to!

4. Lights Out?

Lights go out. It’s an unfortunate part of the Christmas lighting experience. Usually, when your beautiful holiday lights go out, you have to spend inordinate amounts of time hunting down the culprit. That’s not the case when you hire our Christmas lighting installer elves to make your holiday magical. Simply give us a jingle, send us an email, text our local numbers, or get ahold of Rudolph (he’s got a direct line), and we will have one our professional installers out within 48 hours to sort everything out for you.

5. Tear Down

When you rent lights from us, our expert team of installer elves will set them up at the beginning of the season, and take them down again once Santa has returned to the North Pole. Christmas decorations are removed with the same care in which they were installed. Removal is completed in January, and no appointment is necessary (part of the magic is lost if you have to set up an appointment with us to take down your display). Give us a call to learn more today!

6. New Lights Annually

Let’s assume that you were not entirely satisfied with your Christmas light display from us this year. Maybe you went with pure white C9 bulbs this year and thought your home would look better with C7 colored LED lights. Well, when you lease lights from us, you can change up what your display looks like every single year! In fact, we downright encourage it! Contact us to learn more about our lights and services today! We’ll deck your halls like Whoville!